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The Noise: Part Two - Work-In-Progress!

This post is part of a series for students of the Pittsburg State University Wind Ensemble, who will be premiering my new work, The Noise, in April 2019 - for two voices and wind ensemble, directed by Andrew Chybowski. Featured singers will be Stella Hastings and Patrick Howle.



You've already received the second and third movements, and will (hopefully) be reading the first and last movements soon!

I've had a few great conversations and feedback with members from the ensemble, and I am excited to be implementing your ideas in the piece! Some of you have had less-interesting parts so far, and I made an effort to give those people something more interesting to do in the first and/or last movements. 
The videos your director has sent me are already sounding pretty good! I can't wait to come clinic the piece next week and hear everything in person. 
A lot of times I end up changing things after the rehearsal process begins, and by working with musicians we all end up…

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