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Resurrection and Genesis

Between running the LCA Consortium, looking for work in Dallas, and applying for competitions and festivals, I still managed to find time to get some composing done in the past few weeks!

While I hadn't planned on it initially, I am now writing a new work for the LCA band series - and by new I mean I'm arranging an older piece for high school concert band.

A few years ago, I had a few sketches performed by a string quartet as a set of miniatures - Extracted Wisdom - which detailed the four-part process of wisdom teeth removal. For my fellowship at the Aspen Music Festival this past summer, I arranged the sketches for full orchestra - just to see how it would translate. While I think with some work and a lot expansion, the piece has the potential to become a 12-15 minute orchestral suite, I also believe that this work is perfect for high school band. The miniature model is perfect for rehearsals, as directors can work on one miniature for a few minutes within a rehe…

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