Words Pending

Hello all!

It's been too long since writing regularly, and I plan to return to it with a vengeance!

I have been brainstorming and drafting up topics all summer, and think I have put together a wide array of classical/new musicy/equality in the arts/composery topics to get us talking more about the field, our craft, and - of course - music! Topics I'm hoping to cover in the coming months include:
  • Commissioning FAQs, composer etiquette, and opportunity-making
  • Collaboration Do's and Don'ts
  • Discussing music of other living composers
  • Things composers can do to help one another
  • How to talk/write about your own music outside of academia
  • Things to Unlearn from school
  • Grant application tips
  • Film and pop music
  • Audience meet-and-greet / Q&A tips
  • Building a composing schedule while working and/or going to school and/or other life things
  • Updates on my own work/collaborations
It's my hope that by sharing my thoughts on these and other topics we can spark dialogue about issues we often skirt around but never really dive deeply into. I welcome opportunities to be corrected, to learn, and to have anything discussed here branch off and be expanded upon. I've already started some great discussions with artists on social media, and I hope we can continue to network with one another! Whenever possible, I will also link to articles by other artists so you can read other opinions and learn more about some other creators in the field

If you'd like to learn more about me or my music, my website (forever in-progress) is kimberlyosberg.com and soundcloud.com/kimosberg. Looking forward to writing and to hearing more from all of you wonderful, smart, talented, witty, thoughtful, brave, fierce, kind, and nerdy people!

Also, just so we're all on the same
page, I have 2 degrees but sometimes
I compose in blanket forts and
drink juice boxes.